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Executive Summary


This is a work-in-progress for our eventual whitepaper for our game and token. The current version is subjected to changes depending on future development and community's feedback


Age Of Dinos


  • Strategy
  • Tower Rush
  • Digital Collectible Card Games


Age Of Dinos is a zero-sum, tower rush, online, multiplayer Digital Deckbuilding Collectible Card Game using blockchain. Buy, trade, breed, upgrade dinosaurs cards each with their own special abilities and stats, while competing in real-time matches against AI bots or other players to win treasures that might contain $FOSSIL coins and/or dinosaur artifacts. Buy, trade, breed, and upgrade dinosaur artifacts or dinosaur cards using our ERC-20 token $FOSSIL.


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS

Game Mechanic

Two players (PvP or PvE) go against each other in which the objective is to destroy the most opposing towers (nests), with the destruction of "King's Nest" being an instantaneous win. The game is 3-minute long with a possible 2-minute sudden-death and tie-breakers based on nests' healthpoints. During the fight, players will be able to deploy their dinosaurs from their decks using meat points (which replenish over time) in order to attack opponents' nests or defend against opponents' dinosaurs.

Target audience

  • Gamers interested in Card Collectible and Tower Rush Games
  • Crypto enthusiasts.