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It's the year 2314 AD, humankind has finally figured out the secret to time-travelling and visiting your dead pets is no longer fiction. As it is so convenient to shuttle to-and-fro ancient times, people start bringing back exotic animals from different time periods as pets, from the harmless Dodo Bird to fiercer and more dangerous ones like Microraptors.

It's all fun and games but little does anyone know that all the time-travelling, pet-smuggling activities have opened up a time-space crack between the morden day and the Mesozoic Era. This crack has created an overlapping zone between the two timelines where any living things can cross over to the other side, resulting in occasional chaos by dinosaurs in adjacent cities leading to huge migration away from those cities deeming them too dangerous. The dinosaurs have also started building nests in this area and growing in population and will potentially cross over in large droves and cause more problems.

To address the imminent diaster in this Mesozoic Red Zome, Pixel8 Labs has been doing research to revive some of the dead dinosaurs with modified genes to be tamer and to fight on the human side. The day has come when they finally manage to revive and modify the beasts with bone artifacts collected from the zone and the problems in the Mesozoic Red Zone can finally be tackled with an organic and eco-friendly solution. With some blessing from Lady Luck, this development also leads to a surge in demand for pet dinosaurs. As a result, adventurous folks start flocking to the Zone with their dinosaur squads to hunt down wild dinosaurs for bone artifacts.

Just like the Gold Rush in the 19th century, while there're some good things coming out of these Mesozoic Red Zone expeditions and people making fortunes out of them, there're dangers at every step of the journey too. And if anyone thinks that dinosaurs are the greatest dangers in the Mesozoic Red Zone, they should be prepared to change their minds...