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Dinosaurs are the most critical components of the game as battle cannot be started without two opposing dino armies. Dino cards are NFTs that players have in their wallets and correspond with dinosaur units in game. The cards are not unique so they can be used for leveling up the particular dinosaurs.


Each dino card would have these below attributes:

  • Level: Level of the dinosaur, which affects other numeric stats of the dinosaur.
  • Attack: Damage points that the dino can deal to opponent dino.
  • Nature: A dino can be ground or flying, which determines which type of dinos can attack it.
  • Attack Targets: A list of targets consisting of ground and/or flying and/or nest-only which determines which target the dino can attack.
  • Attack Range: melee or a numeric value that determines how far the dino can attack
  • Attack Speed: A numeric value that determines how fast the dino can attack
  • Attack Radius: targetted or a numeric value, which determines whether the dino's attack will affect only a single opponent unit (dino or nest) or all opponent units in an area of such radius.
  • Hitpoints: The life points of the dino. The deployed dino unit will die when this runs out.
  • Speed: a numeric value that determines how fast the dino can move along the map.

Deck Building

A deck consists of 6 unique cards, of which 4 will be drawn and cycled randomly through as the game progresses. Since it's possible to have multiple cards of the same dino and it's not possible to have duplicate in the battle deck, only the dino card with the highest level will be used during battles.

Levelling Up

2 dino cards of the same dinosaur can be burnt to produce a new card of the same dinosaur with its level equivalent to the sum of the 2 burnt cards.

Card Rentals

If a player doesn't have enough dinos to complete a deck, dino cards can be rented from the in-game marketplace with $FOSSIL battle rewards being shared with the owners of those cards. Renting out cards is one of the ways Age of Dinos players can passively earn $FOSSIL tokens with their existing cards.

Deck Score

This score is calculated based on the composition of the deck and levels of the cards in the deck. The score can be used as a benchmark for players to decide whether to attack a wild dino nest and to match players for PvP battles.

Dino Eggs

Dino eggs are, as the word suggests, unhatched dinosaurs. In practice, they are NFT cards that will eventually hatch (be updated) to actual dino cards of level 1 after some wait time.

How to obtain


Artifacts are the fossil parts of a dinosaurs (e.g. head, tail, legs) that can be combined to create a dino. Each artifact corresponds with an NFT card stored in player's wallet and can be traded in similar fashion to dino cards.

Reviving a dino

There is be an in-game store where you can burn the correct combination of artifacts for a brand new dinosaur egg that will hatch to the corresponding dinosaur.

How to obtain

  • Battle rewards
  • Going on an archaeological excavation
  • Purchasing from other players


Breeding is when 2 different dino cards (of similar or different dinosaurs) are locked up for a mating period to produce a dino egg of a random dinosaur type. Some notes about breeding:

  • The mating process can fail depending on the compatibility of the dinosaurs.
  • The resulting egg will have a certain percentage to be of different dino types depending on their parents.